LEGO City Fire Boat
Comparing Prices

When it comes to comparing prices for a product like LEGO City Fire Boat, we want to see prices from as many sellers as possible.

Results from search engines are packed with websites that have nothing to sell, they are just after commission for a sale. This can cloud the picture as links (displaying different prices!) can all lead back to the same retailer.

The other issue with search engine results is that smaller retailers listing way down in results will not be seen, even if they offer the best price.

You could use a price comparison website but they have limited results based on data from retailers who will pay them commission, remember we want to see prices from as many sellers as possible.

Just Prices displays a best price first list of results based on a deep search of the Google main index from all sellers found.

Cached Results from: 22/01/2016 : LEGO City Fire Boat

LEGO City Fire Boat Best Price

Based on the most recent results, the cheapest price was £59.99

When choosing a retailer to buy from online, always take into account delivery costs and any other factors such as local click and collect availability.

Vouchers and Cashback

Check availability of voucher codes that can be used to reduce the purchase cost or activate free delivery. Within Just Prices results, a check for vouchers link is displayed next to any seller that has a listing on

Sellers that offer commission for online sales often allow the buyer to receive the commission via a cashback website. Within Just Prices results, cashback information from Quidco is displayed next to any seller offering cashback.